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There are amazing people everywhere, doing amazing things.  One of them is Robyn O'Brien.  I have posted a link to her life-changing TED talk and also to her web site on to my own Links page.

I want to urge all of you to read ingredient labels and understand what you are consuming.  Look at the packaging and think about what effect this has on the environment.  We are a part of Nature, not apart from it.  If we harm our environment, we harm ourselves and all others.

I wish you a wonderful December no matter what you celebrate or how.  Let your every action and purchase be an expression of love and care and goodness.  What you do will have an infinite ripple effect, beyond your own perception. 

Take care and be well.
Your "Aunt Sareen"

<![CDATA[On July 4th, Consider This ...]]>Thu, 03 Jul 2014 03:40:56 GMThttp://www.auntsareens.com/blog/on-july-4th-consider-thisHappy 4th, everyone! 
Please remember the animals including birds and fish on this night.  They are affected by noise, pollution and fireworks. Thank you for being considerate to all the innocent ones who share our environment.
<![CDATA[Summer Care]]>Mon, 16 Jun 2014 05:04:59 GMThttp://www.auntsareens.com/blog/summer-careHello Friends, my virtual nieces & nephews.

Summer brings sunshine and mosquitoes.  Take care! 

By all means, enjoy the sun.  Being in the sun is uplifting and it increases Vitamin D.  But watch out for those SPF products that contain nasty toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.  

I prefer Aubrey Sun Care products because they use the most natural ingredients available. Aubrey's beautiful products are available through Aunt Sareen's and you get 10% off the retail price when you mention this blog and take delivery. 

Also, what better way is there to shooo off the mosquitoes than by using natural Lavender essential oil?  Not only is it known to be good for your skin and relaxing to your sensibilities, but it smells great on ... whether you're a man or a woman.

You can dilute it in a spray bottle with water.  You can also dilute it in natural oil like coconut, sunflower or almond.  Then you have a nice massage oil too!  I personally will put it on directly when I'm in a pinch and want to keep mosquitoes away.  But it's wise to test your skin before you commit to this method

If you need more information about summer care, just call Aunt Sareen's.  It would be my pleasure to help you make a healthy natural choice.

<![CDATA[Aunt Sareen's Celebrates 4 Years in Service!]]>Wed, 14 May 2014 05:31:36 GMThttp://www.auntsareens.com/blog/aunt-sareens-celebrates-4-years-in-serviceFour years ago, I realized that I could not deny my dream any longer.  Although I did not have the capital to open up a physical storefront shop, an inspiring quote by Mahatma Gandhi kept nudging me.  "Be the Change You Wish to See ..."

The idea is twofold for me.  One is to be the change I wish to see in the world and the other is be the change I wish to see in my life.  Actually, now it seems silly to differentiate because they work out to be one and the same.

In any case, I decided to create this company within my humble means, on a shoestring budget.  I had nothing but a friendly attitude, a desire to help people and 4 sample bottles of my custom oils and sprays...  that and my knowledge about natural ingredients.

Today, Aunt Sareen's also has an amazing inventory of beautiful natural skin care products, herbal extracts, essential oils, dried herbs, supplements and organic teas. 
All of the dried herbs are either organically grown or responsibly wild-harvested.

I hope you'll help me celebrate these 4 years by writing me, blogging and taking advantage of the 10% additional discount on already great prices when you say, "Happy Anniversary, Aunt Sareen's!"

Many Blessings ...
<![CDATA[Organic Ayurvedic Herbs - Herbs of India]]>Sun, 16 Feb 2014 03:42:52 GMThttp://www.auntsareens.com/blog/ayurvedic-herbs-herbs-of-indiaAunt Sareen's now has an amazing line of Organic Ayurvedic herbs.  These have been traditionally used in India for thousands of years.  You can find a list of those in stock on the Herbs (Dried Loose Herbs) page.  Those that have been used in Ayurveda are marked with an *Asterisk.

Ashwagandha, Neem, Tulsi (Holy Basil),
and Many More - All herbs are available in bulk, capsules, or as liquid herbal extracts.

If you're looking for an herb not found on the list, please feel free to call Aunt Sareen's or send an email to AuntSareen at yahoo.com.  It is a pleasure to fill this need for our local community.

Aunt Sareen's Delivers!
Contact Aunt Sareen's
<![CDATA[How Do I Love Thee?  How Do I Love Me?]]>Sat, 01 Feb 2014 15:00:31 GMThttp://www.auntsareens.com/blog/how-do-i-love-thee-how-do-i-love-meLet me count the ways ...

1000 Rose petals for thy bath
1000 Fragrant splashes in the shower with Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash or Sunny Sea Buckthorn Body Wash with it's delicious natural orangey fragrance!
Countless affectionate moisturizing caresses with Wild Rose Body Lotion and Night Cream
Soothing Romanitc Massages with custom made "Love Potion" natural massage oil.
Lavender Flowers
under your pillow that angels may sing thee to thy sleep

Love is for every day.  How will you express Love on Valentine's Day?

<![CDATA[Are You Still Digesting?]]>Sat, 30 Nov 2013 01:51:29 GMThttp://www.auntsareens.com/blog/are-you-still-digesting Are you still digesting your Thanksgiving dinner? 

Experience the delicious benefits of Organic Spearmint Leaf Tea!  Available at Aunt Sareen's.  954 - 567 - O9O6
<![CDATA[When You're Celebrating]]>Thu, 04 Jul 2013 22:26:08 GMThttp://www.auntsareens.com/blog/when-youre-celebratingHappy 4th, everyone!  Please remember the animals including birds and fish tonight.  They are affected by noise, pollution and fireworks. Thank you for being considerate to all the innocent ones who share our environment.
<![CDATA[Free Trees!]]>Thu, 04 Jul 2013 04:02:34 GMThttp://www.auntsareens.com/blog/free-treesThe City of Pompano Beach is sponsoring the free tree give-away program by giving out thousands of native trees to the Pompano Beach community. The City of Pompano Beach will give away two trees per residence on a first come, first serve basis. The free tree giveaway will be at the City Nursery at 1000 N.E. 3 Avenue, which is on the corner of NE 3rd Avenue and 10th Street. 
July 13th from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

The trees are as follows:

PALMS: Triangle Palm, Fox Tail Palm, Queen Palm

TREES: Gumbo Limbo, Mahogany, Jamaican Dogwood, Strong Bark, Simpson's Stopper, Crape Myrtle, Royal Poinciana and Cassia.

Feel free to contact Aunt Sareen's if you need more information.
<![CDATA[Plantastic - TED Talks are ... Fantastic!]]>Wed, 05 Jun 2013 00:53:27 GMThttp://www.auntsareens.com/blog/plantastic-ted-talks-are-fantasticI am watching a series of TED talks that are so great and very important. They are very short and for me were incredibly moving. I urge everyone to check them out for the sake of your health and the health of Nature upon which we are dependent.

If you have only time for one, I recommend either #1 or #3.